MFLC Child & Youth Behavioral Program

The MFLC CYB Program was launched in the summer of 2007 to provide non-medical counseling services and short-term problem resolution to military children and those who support them (faculty, staff and parents) on challenges they face such as school issues, deployment and reunion adjustments, and parent-child communications.

CYB MFLCs support military children in the Child Development Centers (CDCs), off-installation schools that have a military population of at least 50%, schools on installation, as well as DoDEA Summer Programs and Purple Camps.

From this page, CYB MFLCs can access tools contributed by their peers – proven techniques including group outlines, games and other resources as well as explore organizations that support military youth and finally, links directly to tips, tools, videos and more.

Celebrating the Month of the Military Child: Although our environment is ever-fluid as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities across the world are recognizing military kids contributions and sacrifice by celebrating the Month of the Military Child. Click ‘Read More’ below to see some of the ways military kids are being recognized, access tools that other locations are utilizing and get ideas for your own locations. Please share your Month of the Military Child activities, ideas, tools and resources with your Supervisor and we’ll share them here. Thank you! 

COVID-19 Resources: As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, tools and resources begin to emerge to support our military children. Click ‘Read More’ below to access some of those materials here. If you have found a useful resource or tool that is not yet posted here, please share with your Supervisor and this site will be updated. Thank you! 

Resources: Peer to Peer No one is more well-equipped to provide tools and resources on what works when supporting military children and youth then the experts themselves – CYB MFLCs. Click “Read More” directly below for access to contributions from MHN’s CYB MFLCs – from resources and games to six and eight week long group outlines on a wide range of topics affecting military kids – all tried and proven techniques for reaching today’s military youth. Have a technique you’d like to add to this library? Please reach out to your MFLC Liaison.

Resources: Organizations that Support Military Children and Youth As military life, tragic events and triumphs in today’s world affect military children and youth, organizations throughout the U.S. step up to provide support. Click “Read More” directly below to access the latest contributions from organizations including academic articles, insights into the effect these circumstances can have on military children and other valuable resources.

Resources: A Few Good Child & Youth Links Click “Read More” directly below to access great tools, resources and designed-to-support-military-kids apps – to help support you in your mission essential task of supporting military kids and those that support them.