Below are some testimonials from the MFLC Program:

We had a unit that deployed tonight. Lots of tears, lots of anticipation, lots of high emotion in the air. I spent the day as a compassionate presence… walking through groups of eager soldiers, sharing a laugh, wishing them Godspeed and thanking them for their service; smiling through tears with wives and girlfriends, handing out tissue and wiping smears of mascara off swollen eyes; hunkering down to children and offering a tiny distraction while their fathers loaded their armor and weapons. Had a quiet meal w/ a single soldier who had no one to send him off. Then, back out into the cold, waiting for the buses to arrive. It’s an amazing thing, really, to be a part of something so ancient that it speaks to the primal part of the soul. Since time immemorial have men departed for battle. There’s a pride I took in the nobility of the action, a deep-seated connection to women sending their warrior into harm’s way.”

An MFLC describes her experience working with military families about to deploy

One of our MFLCs had an appointment scheduled one afternoon for a Soldier and his pregnant wife.  When the MFLC office continued to get warmer and warmer due to a broken air conditioning unit, the MFLC contacted the Soldier to inform him of the situation and to express concern the room may be especially uncomfortable for his wife.  The MFLC offered to reschedule for the following morning.  The Soldier in turn contacted his wife and then immediately called MFLC back to say they would be keeping their appointment as scheduled.  When they arrived he said, “Ma’am, it could be as hot as the surface of the sun in here and we still wouldn’t miss an appointment; that’s how much coming here helps us.”

Service Members and their families value the support provided through our counselors

I appreciate so much that I work for a company that values its MFLCs and the work that we do. That is seen in a very tangible way in the compensation and benefits package, both of which I believe are the highest offered by any vendor. But it is not just the pay and benefits. It is how I and the work I do is valued by the company. But it is even more than that. MHN treats us with respect and presents genuine concern and support for our personal lives, valuing each of us as individuals who make up a diverse work force. That means a lot to me personally, and I believe that it better equips us to provide the excellent care to military personnel and their families who so much deserve the best.