Workout Madness!

Roy Woods, USAG Stuttgart, Germany, staying in shape lifting free weights and cardio!
"Yoga is becoming my favorite exercise these days!" - Hyon Bachman, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA
"I swat mosquitoes with my bug zapper and walk on the treadmill!" - Kendra Woody-Simms, Parris Island Recruiting Depot, SC

I do many things to stay fit which amount to a routine of healthy eating, drinking plenty of fresh, clean, filtered water, and exercising regularly – yoga, and walking on the beach.
I also utilize Qigong to remain healthy, and here are the YouTube links for my two favorite Qigong exercises as of late. (Especially given the pandemic.) One is for strengthening the lungs specifically, and the other one is for the overall immune system:

– Judith Dakota, Naval Base San Diego, CA

"I workout on my elliptical machine to stay semi-in-shape! It's easy! It doesn't demand much and I can watch some youtube while I work out!" - Veronica Velasco, Naval Base San Diego, CA
Please click Joe's pic to check out Joe Valletti's submission - a daily recipe for health! Joe Valletti is currently supporting an assignment in Sasebo, Japan.
"Some of my favorite exercises combine yoga moves (right side) with discus and shot put (left side)—staying strong and limber are key to injury prevention." Janet Escobedo, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti.
"Workout madness--Online workout with over 600 rescue cats zoomed in from Hawaii." - Nancy Fader, Naval Base San Diego, CA

Getting Your Steps In! – Submitted by Zāāda Hailley, MCB Hawaii, HI

Workout Madness