An MFLC describes her experience working with military families about to deploy

We had a unit that deployed tonight. Lots of tears, lots of anticipation, lots of high emotion in the air. I spent the day as a compassionate presence… walking through groups of eager soldiers, sharing a laugh, wishing them Godspeed and thanking them for their service; smiling through tears with wives and girlfriends, handing out tissue and wiping smears of mascara off swollen eyes; hunkering down to children and offering a tiny distraction while their fathers loaded their armor and weapons. Had a quiet meal w/ a single soldier who had no one to send him off. Then, back out into the cold, waiting for the buses to arrive. It’s an amazing thing, really, to be a part of something so ancient that it speaks to the primal part of the soul. Since time immemorial have men departed for battle. There’s a pride I took in the nobility of the action, a deep-seated connection to women sending their warrior into harm’s way.”