SPA Spotlight

Positive, life-changing work happens every day in the MFLC Program and this section will recognize different SPAs each week for their outstanding contributions.

spotlight-147742_640SPOTLIGHT ON: Lyn Sutton

Lyn Sutton presented with Bronze Wahatchee Award

The Wahatchee Award, named for Georgia patriot Nancy Hart, is a Signal Corps award given to people who exemplify the volunteer spirit and have given the Corps long-term service.

The Commander of the 56th Bn presented Lyn Sutton with the Bronze Wahatchee Award last week at her farewell luncheon as she prepares for retirement. The Commander nominated Lyn for this award in recognition of her unwavering contribution to Fort Sam Houston. The certificate states: “Lyn Sutton is among those select individuals who have demonstrated the high standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence and selflessness, and who have contributed in a volunteer capacity to the promotion of the United States Army Signal Regiment…”

Lyn – Your contribution to the MFLC Program will not be soon forgotten. You will be greatly missed as an MFLC and as a leader demonstrated through your unwavering exemplary performance.  We wish you every happiness as you follow a new path.

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