Safety Check-in

button-159335_1280In the event of any security threat, natural disaster or other disruptive event our team is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all our counselors.  With that in mind our check-in feature is designed to give MFLCs a universally accessible and expedient method to check-in with leadership, facilitating total team accountability.  Please follow the protocols outlined below – Stay vigilant!

MFLCs are required to check-in during situations related to heightened security alerts, active shooter on an installation or location, installation/location shutdown for reasons of security issues or natural disaster situations.

Utilize the safety check-in tool available below with the following considerations:

  • Heightened security alerts in a region: the MFLC should inform their Liaison immediately; the MFLC is not required to utilize the safety check-in tool
  • Local (immediate area) terrorist attacks: check-in within 30 minutes
  • Regional terrorist attacks (state or country): check-in within 24 hrs
  • Critical incident or shutdown on the installation/location: check-in within 30 minutes
  • Local Natural disasters: check-in within one hour (or as soon as possible)
    1) If there is no internet access, the MFLC should text message their liaison or manager within the above timeline.
    Even if traveling outside of local area at time of crisis, the MFLC should confirm safety within the timelines listed above (or as soon as possible).