OSD Approved Materials

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OSD-approved MFLC materials are ordered through the Military OneSource website; see Military OneSource Services and Products for MFLC PDF (link directly below) for instructions. Page one (1) of the attachment under heading “Access Military OneSource Products” provides a step by step guide to becoming a registered user to order products. Pages 6 through 8 display titles and links to the available products.

Military OneSource Services and Products for MFLC

Once logged in and ready to place an order, you’ll find all products are organized by topic area and product type. If you would like to order more than the maximum quantities listed on the web site, you may do so by entering the desired quantity and selecting “update quantity.” You may receive an email asking you to provide justification for the excess quantities.

Business Cards

MFLC Business Cards are a key outreach tool.  Our cards are required to be transferable to the next MFLC and as such should not have your name, but only our contact information and location (when applicable).

Name Tag

Each MFLC is provided with an OSD approved name tag.

MFLC Name Tag