SPA Orientation

SPA Basic Training
Access our “Basic Training” presentation for SPAs – this introduction to our program’s tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) is mission essential for new team members, and is a great refresher for all members of our MFLC team!
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Outreach Techniques
Outreach is a mission essential task for all MFLCs! Join the discussion about effective outreach techniques by sharing your story and reviewing the success stories and recommendations of other team members.
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Limits of Confidentiality
All MFLCs must cover our “limits of confidentiality” statement with each participant – please find it here.
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Telehealth Services Script
All MFLCs are required to review the attached script with VTC participants prior to the session start.  Both English and Spanish versions available here:

OSD Approved Presentation Library
Presentations are key part of MFLC duties – helping to build awareness and understanding of the support our team members can provide – while also stimulating discussion about the important issues facing the military community we serve.  Please follow this link to access all presentations approved for use by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
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Instructions for Ordering OSD Approved Materials
Outreach is always more impactful when you have a “leave behind.”  Please follow this link to access examples of OSD approved materials and additional information about how to order OSD-approved MFLC support materials.
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Need More Materials?
Materials Ordering Form allows you to place an order for business cards, name tags, phones and other support materials. Please download and complete the materials request form. Once your request is complete, please email directly to  [email protected]. Please contact your MFLC Liaison for assistance.

MFLC Phone Greetings
Please use the following scripts to record your greeting on your MFLC phones.
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