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January 2018: TRICARE Changes Update 

Effective January 2018, several changes have been made to the TRICARE benefit that affect our Service Members and their eligible dependents. The Program Office has asked that our MFLCs become educated on these changes to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of our referral process where it pertains to TRICARE.  To aide in MFLC education of these updates, the Program Office has provided three fact sheets detailing the changes which are posted directly below:

1) TRICARE Changes Fact Sheet

2) Take Command, Enhance Your TRICARE Experience: Updates to TRICARE Reimbursement Manual Annex and

3) TRICARE Cost and Fees Sheet.

After reviewing the materials, if you have additional questions, please visit This website provides the most current information and is designed to help beneficiaries prepare for, navigate and Take Command of their TRICARE benefit.



November 2017: Upcoming TRICARE Changes – Effective Jan. 1, 2018

You may be aware that changes are coming to TRICARE starting January 1, 2018. The attached one-pager provides basic information you can share with service members and families as you receive inquiries. Those who wish to learn more may visit the TRICARE website at

TRICARE Program Changes Quick Info Paper

September 2017: