Military Knowledge

2018 Prevention Resource Guide: Keeping Children Safe and Families Strong in Supportive Communities
The attached resource was provided by the DoD Family Advocacy Program.

2018 HHS-ACF 2018 Prevention Resource Guide_2018

New Legislation Aims to Ease Military Stress on Spouse Careers: February 2018
Check out the Military Spouse Employment Act of 2018, aimed at helping to reduce unemployment among military spouses.

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Relevant Resources provided by the Office of Military Community and Family Policy: January 2018 Update
Check out the January TRICARE Changes Update provided by the Office of Military Community and Family Policy.

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MFLC Reading List
Learn about military tactics, techniques and procedures by accessing key military publications which provide insight into the thought process of those we serve. Also, help us build our MFLC library with recommendations for great books about life in the military!
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Branch Specific Information
Each branch of service is unique – learn more about the history, culture and current operations of each military branch here.
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Briefing Skills for MFLCs
Follow this link to access our TTPS – Tactics, Techniques and Procedures – when providing a brief to military leadership.
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From Alpha to Zulu: The Phonetic Alphabet
The phonetic alphabet is key tool when communicating in the military environment – access it here!
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Military Acronyms
The military has an acronym for everything – many times more than one…Follow this link for a translation of some common military acronyms!
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