Group Outlines

Mindfulness for Children 5 thru 7
This six session group activity explores the benefits of mindfulness. Intended for children ages 5 – 7. Each week, the children will learn something different about the benefits of mindfulness through different activities that will help them truly grasp the concept.

This three week group outline explores what it means to have a Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset. Activities are provided for both younger children and older children to help drive the power of a growth mindset, that mistakes are a part of growing and how to embrace the concept of ‘Yet.’

Explore this seven week activity focused on celebrating the Month of the Military Child.

Test Taking Escape Room Group Activity Outline
A classroom multi-station activity focused on normalizing the stress and negative feelings sometimes associated with test-taking and replacing those with positive feelings and healthy coping skills. Documents that support the outline above are posted directly below:
Station 1_Secret Message
Station 1 Secret Message Codes
Escape Room Clue 3 negative and positive thoughts
Station 3_Slips
Ned’s 10 Test Taking Tips

Peer Relationships Group Outline
A six-week course focused on peer relationships – characteristics of a good friend; what comprises bullying and how it affects each of us; what characteristics of a good friend the children recognize in themselves and more. This group outline includes suggestions for activities and conflict scenarios.

Behavior Management Group Outline
Behavior Management is a ten week work group designed to explore behavior management – triggers, conflict resolution, coping skills, etc.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Group Outline
Six week group focused on older students mentoring younger students.

Boy to Hero Group Outline
Six week group for younger boys focusing on the characteristics boys need to be more resilient and successful. 

Coping Skills Group Outline
Six week group develops positive coping skills.

Dealing with Deployment – curriculum
The Dealing with Deployment curriculum developed by the American School Counselor Association is an eight-session lesson plan developed to support children and adolescents with a family member at war. 

Deployment Group Outline
Eight week deployment group designed to connect and support children who have a parent deployed.

Deployment Support Group Outline
Comprehensive eight week group that connects and supports children who have a parent deployed.

Emotional Skill Building Group Outline
Six week group designed for older children and adolescents.

Friendship Group Outline
The friendship group outline is an eight week group appropriate for all grade levels.

Journeys Group Outline
The Journeys Group Outline is appropriate for all grades, on-going throughout school year, and structured so that students may join at any time. This group is for students going through difficult transitions, which may include parental divorce, family separation, PCS, or health issues

Lunch Bunch Group Outline
Lunch Bunches are designed for kids in 1st through 6th grade and last four weeks long.

Lunch & Crunch Study Group Outline
Lunch & Crunch Study Group meets for eight weeks to focus studies and increase coping skills around testing anxiety.

Military Support Group Outline
Group meets for eight weeks to connect and strengthen military children.

New Military Student Group Outline
Group works for eight weeks to connect new military students with existing military student  body; builds resilience and coping skills.

Social Skills Group Outline
Social Skills building activities designed to run eight weeks long, appropriate for all grade levels

Team Building Group Outline
Team Building Lessons/ activities made for 15-20 minute sessions during the lunch/ lunch recess period after the students have eaten

Trustworthiness Group Outline
Five activities focused on the topic of ‘Trustworthiness’ to be used in both large and small group discussions 6th thru 8th Grade