Caregiver PEER Forums

Caregiver PEER Forums
A joint effort between the Office of Warrior Care Policy and the Office of Military Community & Family Policy, the Caregiver PEER Forum program is being launched in order to provide direct support to the Caregivers of our wounded, ill and injured population. As MHN MFLCs executing this program, you have been hand selected to support this initiative. Our Caregiver Resource Group is here to support you in this new journey and to help to ensure your success facilitating support for this unique, deserving and often overlooked population.

What is the purpose of this program?
The purpose of the Caregiver PEER forum is to provide an opportunity for Caregivers to come together and build peer support networks; sharing experiences, information and resources; while having a safe place to convene, share and grow together.

What is the role of the MFLC?
As the MFLC, you are the facilitator of the PEER forum. Working in coordination with Peer Support Coordinators (PSCs); along with installation POCs, Command Teams, Recovery Care Coordinators (RCCs), Non-medical Case Managers (NMCMs) and others; you are tasked with assisting in the planning and promotion of the forum. It is important to note that as the MFLC, you are not the leader for planning the forums; you are simply there to help and support the planning process, which must be initiated by the above listed parties or other command team members within wounded warrior or warrior transition units. When it comes to executing the forums, you are the leader! It is your job to facilitate the group leveraging your skills and what you’ve learned through the specialized training for this initiative (detailed below). When the forum begins, you should be the only one in the room with the Caregivers – the confidentiality of our program extends to this initiative as well and must always be protected.

What is the Caregiver Resource Group?
Understanding the unique nature of this program, MHN leadership has established a resource group for all of our MFLCs assigned to support the Caregiver PEER Forum. You have a direct line to program leadership as you prepare and execute the forums, and can remain connected with other MFLCs who have executed this task to learn from their experience and share best practices. The group has weekly calls to facilitate planning and execution support.

What Are The Steps To The Process?
First, you must be trained and certified as a “Caregiver Certified Counselor.” This requires completing (7) DoD mandated training modules that will help build your knowledge of the unique challenges facing this population, a process that is detailed in the Caregiver Training User Guide. After completing your training, your readiness will be reported to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. When your installation POCs are ready to execute the forum, you will be contacted to assist in the planning efforts. During the execution of the PEER Forums you will facilitate each group as the leader and only staff member in the room with the Caregivers.

Following each Forum you are required to submit several forms:

  • Activity Form for each Forum – filled out as a “Group” form with # of participants listed (see detailed guidance in Caregiver Activity Form Guidance)
  • Forum Report within 48 hours of delivering your forum, complete via the Caregiver Survey Monkey form here: Caregiver PEER Forum Summary Report utilizing the data captured via the Caregiver information cards.

Remember – the Caregiver Resource Group maintains a quarterly call for support. Please review the following documents to further familiarize yourself with the details of the program:

Caregiver Timekeeping Guidance

Caregiver Training Modules

Comprehensive MFLC – Caregiver Stakeholder Contact Directory: By Installation

Caregiver Information Card


The 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory, provided by the DoD Warrior Care Policy is available here:

Caregiver Directory 2019 Edition

Please follow this link to read or share Caregiver PEER Forum best practices, stories, ideas, etc.
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