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Activity forms are an OSD requirement used to qualify and quantify the important MFLC support being provided in the field every day. Activity forms are designed to track each MFLC encounter: ancillary or face-to-face.  The outcome of those encounters are also measured to create a mechanism that captures the impact of the important work being performed by MFLCs around the world.

This section of the SPA Service Delivery Toolkit is dedicated to providing support focused on the accurate and timely submission of Activity Forms – a mission essential task and contract requirement – from the comprehensive New SPA Activity Form Training to situation specific training including how to accurately complete an Activity Form for a Duty to Warn / Mandated Report situation.

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Better Track your Encounters 
The following tools can help you track your encounters.


SPA Activity Form Training
These guided presentations address a variety of situations that are encountered in the field and  demonstrate the correct way to capture them on an activity form.