Putting Research to Work

This page contains “Putting Research to Work” summaries for your use and dissemination with the goal of increasing a common understanding of research findings of significance to service providers working with military populations.  Please feel free to share as you deem appropriate.


An Examination of the Broaden-and-Build Model of Positive Emotions in Military marriages: An Actor-Partner Analysis

Types, Subtypes, and Severity of Substantiated Child  Neglect in U.S. Army Communities

Parental Stress, Coping Strategies and Social Support in Families of Children With a Disability

Developmental Correlates and Predictors of emotional Availability in Mother-Child Interaction: A Longitudinal Study From infancy to Middle Childhood

Rejection Sensitivity and Marital Adjustment Among Military Spouses During Deployments

Can Quality Improvement System Improve Childcare Site Performance in School Readiness?

Postdeployment Domestic Violence by US Army Soldiers