Regina Wesley

MFLC management staff recently received the following glowing recognition regarding Regina Wesley’s service while on assignment at Lajes Field, Portugal:

“Greetings! I am the Installation Chaplain at Lajes Airfield, Terceira, Azores, Portugal. I requested your contact information from Regina Wesley, our MFLC.

I wanted to touch base to express my appreciation for Regina. I have worked with a lot of MFLCs over the last 10 years and Regina Wesley is the best MFLC I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is a champion of unit engagement and an incredible counselor by all reports (and I have heard back from members across all 3 Squadrons).

From day 1, she has demonstrated an unyielding resolve to meaningfully engage our Airmen and their dependents. Regina quickly discerned vulnerabilities/opportunities for our Airmen, and initiated several programs, to include:

(1) a letter writing campaign to connect families across the miles,

(2) a marriage seminar/luncheon for long distance relationships, and

(3) a weekly book reading for children of visiting families, which provided dependent spouses with a much needed break. In addition, she has been ever-present as a support to squadron, group and Chapel events.

In these short 90 days at Lajes she has been more than a resource – she has become a real part of our community. As she departs, there is no doubt that our community will feel her absence, but we’re certainly better off for the short time we’ve enjoyed her presence and service.  

Thank you for what you do to invest in, support and reward the exceptional service of MFLCs like Regina Wesley!”

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