MFLC Appreciation

By Anya Montefiore, SPA

I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to the work that I do as a SPA MFLC; how very rewarding it is to support and help the people that have our backs, the service members and their families. And as if that were not enough, I get to do it with a great team of professionals; their talents, work ethic and how they keep their eyes on the heart of what we’re here to do, with always a “how can we be part of the solution” kind of attitude, no matter what. On a daily basis though, we are all pretty busy doing what we do so we don’t always get to see the impact of each other’s work; I recently was able to do so.

Freddie Wilson, one of my team mates, and I were getting ready to transition into each other’s units and, in preparation, he took me over to provide introductions to some of the leadership/key contacts as well as to show me areas for support and outreach. It was evident, as we walked through the footprint of the unit, how warmly and with what appreciation he was greeted for the support he had provided. There were two times that particularly stood out. He had provided a presentation, that morning, for one of the company commanders. When we were speaking with the company commander, and later with another leader from that unit, the following comments were made about the presentation he had provided:
‘I’ve been hearing them (service members) talk about it, they really appreciated your presentation, they’ve been using examples of some of the key words you used and talking about how they are going to implement the information you provided.” “They really enjoyed your presentation; it’s definitely going to be helpful when we’re out in the field, and folks are tired, dealing with weather, little sleep and eating MREs. It’ll definitely help them handle tensions much better.” Freddie and I also came across a company commander that related how much he had appreciated Freddie’s steady presence, outreach, efforts and support for the service members in his unit.

It was one of those great moments as an MFLC which I thought was worth sharing; seeing how just doing what we do day to day, can have such a meaningful impact in the lives of the leaders, service members and families we support.

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