MFLC Program

The Military Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program began as a pilot program in 2004 in response to an emergent need for “boots on the ground” support  to Service Members and military families impacted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) directed MHN Government Services (MHNGS) to send 20 Military Family Life Counselors to Germany to provide immediate support to troops redeploying from the combat theater. The success of the pilot program led the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish the official MFLC program in 2007. Since the first days of the pilot program, MHNGS counselors have stood shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of our armed forces and their families.  Our team is proud to support a globally deployed MFLC force assigned to military installations throughout the world.

Through the MFLC Program, counselors provide confidential non-medical counseling services to military service members and their families on installations and civilian locations around the world. The non-medical counseling is short term and supportive in nature; services are designed to address the many challenges presented through the military lifestyle and provide positive coping skills in order to thrive despite these challenges. The MFLC Program utilizes general counselors to provide services to adult service members and their families as well as child and youth behavioral counselors who are specifically assigned to support military children and youth.

In order to become a counselor for the MFLC Program, counselors must demonstrate the following:

  • at least a Master’s degree from an accredited graduate program in a mental health related field such as social work, psychology, marriage/family therapy, or counseling,
  • a valid unrestricted counseling license or certification to practice independently in the United States, the District of Columbia or a US territory
  • be able to complete a robust criminal history and FBI background check
  • must be a US citizen
  • may not be currently employed with the Federal Government
  • as well as additional knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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The men and women who serve our nation make tremendous sacrifices to provide safety, security and freedom to all of us at home.  They do not serve alone – military service is a family business and military families make great sacrifices to support their service member.

As members of the MHNGS MFLC team, it is our privilege to serve those who serve our nation.  It is our sacred duty to return to our military families the safety, security and freedom they provide to us:

  • Safety: Our MFLC team provides members of the military community a safe place to find immediate support. Our services are confidential; there’s no red-tape; we provide the needed support to ensure the safety of our military families through a focus on prevention.
  • Security: MFLCs are a “left of the bang force…” Our team is there to provide support before the crisis, enabling proactive engagement to promote successful careers and healthy families.

We help provide the security of knowing that anytime any member of the military family needs support – we will be there.  We also act as a conduit to the greater community of care by providing referrals to appropriate higher echelons of care, ensuring that every person ends up connected to the best resource to meet their needs.

  • Freedom: Our MFLC team gives members of the military community the freedom to seek support on their terms, whenever and wherever they are most comfortable.

Core values SFI 2Our Core Values of Service, Integrity and Fidelity must guide every action we take and every decision we make during our service in the MFLC program.

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The MHNGS MFLC team is honored to support the men and women of our armed forces, their families and our military command teams across the Department of Defense.  At a time of tremendous stress on the force – with crises growing abroad and fiscal pressures impacting the DoD at home – our team stands ready to provide preventative, solution-focused, mission essential support to our worldwide military community.

The MFLC program is unique – success requires more than being a great counselor.   In order to succeed we must be highly skilled, culturally competent operators who are able to build trust equity with the communities we support.  We must understand the history, know the organizational culture and speak the language – put simply, we must become part of the tribe.

This task requires us to be lifelong learners.  Because the military community we support changes daily – we must remain disciplined in our approach to skill development.  The strength of our diversity enables us to learn from each other’s vast and varied experience, and we must weave our strengths together into the most effective support network available to our military community.

Every one of our counselors is a force multiplier.  MFLCs provide an objective snapshot of the service related issues that drive the personal challenges faced by members of our military community, empowering leadership with actionable information about how to improve the total readiness of the force.

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MFLCs are the first line of defense – focused on prevention and keeping troops in the fight – mission focused and family ready.  MHNGS MFLCS will:
  • Provide immediate, confidential, unfettered access to support for any member of the military community. With confidentiality as a bedrock principle, the MFLC program reduces the stigma of seeking help for the common stressors of military life, enabling proactive engagement to facilitate mission focus and family readiness.
  • Care for whole family. MFLCs are available to service members, spouses and military children, as well as other military dependents.  Knowing that the stressors of military life don’t end when troops leave the base, MFLCs support total readiness by serving the entire military community.
  • Advise leaders on the prevalent issues impacting the force and recommend techniques to address those issues in a proactive fashion. MFLCs can facilitate discussion groups, workshops, peer support forums and other innovative engagements; acting in support of command priorities to support emergent issues or address the common stressors of military life.
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MHNGS MFLCs serve alongside our military in every clime and place!  Our team provides support to the global military community in over 100 installations worldwide.  Please utilize the maps and links below to find more information regarding our locations, to include links to base websites and other useful information from resources provided by the State Department.

Continental United States (CONUS)

Outside of Continental United States (OCONUS)