Why we serve

The men and women who serve our nation make tremendous sacrifices to provide safety, security and freedom to all of us at home.  They do not serve alone – military service is a family business and military families make great sacrifices to support their service member.

As members of the MHNGS MFLC team, it is our privilege to serve those who serve our nation.  It is our sacred duty to return to our military families the safety, security and freedom they provide to us:

  • Safety: Our MFLC team provides members of the military community a safe place to find immediate support. Our services are confidential; there’s no red-tape; we provide the needed support to ensure the safety of our military families through a focus on prevention.
  • Security: MFLCs are a “left of the bang force…” Our team is there to provide support before the crisis, enabling proactive engagement to promote successful careers and healthy families.

We help provide the security of knowing that anytime any member of the military family needs support – we will be there.  We also act as a conduit to the greater community of care by providing referrals to appropriate higher echelons of care, ensuring that every person ends up connected to the best resource to meet their needs.

  • Freedom: Our MFLC team gives members of the military community the freedom to seek support on their terms, whenever and wherever they are most comfortable.

Core values SFI 2Our Core Values of Service, Integrity and Fidelity must guide every action we take and every decision we make during our service in the MFLC program.

What does Service, Integrity and Fidelity mean to you? Share your story here.