Who we serve

The MHNGS MFLC team is honored to support the men and women of our armed forces, their families and our military command teams across the Department of Defense.  At a time of tremendous stress on the force – with crises growing abroad and fiscal pressures impacting the DoD at home – our team stands ready to provide preventative, solution-focused, mission essential support to our worldwide military community.

The MFLC program is unique – success requires more than being a great counselor.   In order to succeed we must be highly skilled, culturally competent operators who are able to build trust equity with the communities we support.  We must understand the history, know the organizational culture and speak the language – put simply, we must become part of the tribe.

This task requires us to be lifelong learners.  Because the military community we support changes daily – we must remain disciplined in our approach to skill development.  The strength of our diversity enables us to learn from each other’s vast and varied experience, and we must weave our strengths together into the most effective support network available to our military community.

Every one of our counselors is a force multiplier.  MFLCs provide an objective snapshot of the service related issues that drive the personal challenges faced by members of our military community, empowering leadership with actionable information about how to improve the total readiness of the force.

Have questions? Contact your MFLC Liaison via the Liaison Link!