OSD Approved Materials

IC Corner

Below are examples of approved MFLC materials.  These materials should be available for your use at each of our locations.  If you are in need of materials replenishment, please contact your MFLC supervisor.


There are two versions of brochures: Adult and CYB.
MFLC CYB Brochure  MFLC Brochure


Posters are available for Adult as well as CYB MFLCs.

Need to Talk- Army  Need to Talk- Army Spanish

Need to Talk- Marines  Need to Talk- Air Force

CYB Youth Support

Journals and Coloring Books

Journals and coloring books are available to support guided exercises with children.

MFLC Kids Coloring Book  MFLC Kids Journal Cover

Business Cards

MFLC Business Cards are a key outreach tool.  Our cards are required to be transferrable to the next MFLC and as such should not have your name, but only our contact information and location (when applicable).


Name Tag

Each MFLC is provided with an OSD approved name tag.

MFLC Name Tag

Need More Materials

Please contact your MFLC Liaison to assist in material replenishment when supplies are getting low!