Informed Consent

IC Corner

All Branches:

“Before we begin, I’d like to briefly describe this service. In partnership with the (mention appropriate Service), we help service members and their families with a variety of issues. These can include concerns regarding emotional well-being, parenting, as well as other issues affecting you and your family.

Information you provide to me or other MFLC counselors will be kept confidential, except to meet legal obligations or to prevent harm to self or others. Legal obligations include requirements of laws and DoD or military regulations as well as oversight review by DoD of the service you received should an adverse or harmful event occur. Harm to self or others includes suicidal thought or intent, a desire to harm oneself, domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, violence against any person, and any present or future illegal activity.

Do you have any questions about what I have just explained?”

Air Force Only:

For the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) certified members, reporting any concerns related to reliability is also required.