Binge-Worthy TV!

"During the quarantine I ran across a show that caught my attention, Homestead Rescue. Since I was a teenager, it was always a fantasy of mine to homestead a piece of land. This show is fun, educational and shows the pitfalls of living off the land and how to repair those pitfalls. I can vicariously live out one of my dreams through watching this series!" - Donna Castelli, Naval Base San Diego, CA
"I am addicted to “Bar Rescue!” Jon Taffer rescue’s bars across America that are failing. He comes in tough but turns business’s around and wins over the staff and makes bar owner’s succeed! Love this show!" - Mindie Ching, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI
"My favorite TV show is Grace and Frankie. It reminds me of my best friend whom I have been friends with for 49 years." - Judith Dakota, Naval Base San Diego, CA
"My favorite “binge-worthy” TV series is House Hunters International-Paris...or anything HGTV. Why? Traveling is my passion. I’ve visited 57 different countries! My adventurous spirit keeps me young!" - Janet Escobedo, Camp Le Monier, Djibouti
"My favorite TV show is Master Chef. I love cooking shows. I find them relaxing, and You always learn something 😊!" - Sandra Nunez, Naval Base San Diego, CA
"This is the show I've binged on. Not only am I a big music fan, and I've been missing going to live concerts, this show is set in San Francisco. That's where I went to graduate school and lived for many years." - David Perlstein, Naval San Diego, CA
"My heart races and I cry during every show of Grey's Anatomy. I enjoy watching them work together as a team to save lives! I've been watching this series for over a year now because the stories are so realistic, though very graphic and emotionally jarring! One of my favorite characters is Dr. Owen Hunt, the military doctor that joins the team mid-series. He suffers from PTSD, but in the end, he is able to develop relationships, have a child, and learns to handle even the worst of betrayals. His story enables viewers to get a glimpse of military challenges. So all throughout, there are stories of disaster, crisis, and real-life mixed up together to create what appears to be a dramatic depiction of life as a doctor working in an emergency surgical hospital. I believe that they could have used one of us on staff for the show. Because life can be traumatic, if not, thrilling and utterly suspenseful and we get to hear all about it." - Ana Rebecca Toothman, Naval Base San Diego, CA
"My favorite show is "Married at First Sight" where complete strangers take a chance at love and commitment with someone they have never seen before. I enjoy this show because it's very interesting to see how couples get along and work towards compromise. And, of course, they have some drama that is always fun to watch as well!" - Veronica Velasco, Naval Base San Diego, CA
Columbo - Roy Woods, USAG Stuttgart, Germany
"I love watching reruns of Seinfeld and I Love Lucy. I escape into laughter. Maybe I enjoy them because of the comfort of knowing how things will end. In real life we don’t know and there are so many unknowns at the moment. Hence the anxiety of the unknown." - Nancy Fader, Naval Base San Diego, CA
Truly a "guilty pleasure", the lives of these 6 poorly supervised kiddos with mentally ill and alcoholic parents are unraveling before our eyes. But their strong value of staying together and surviving is heartwarming despite their many and various grotesquely inappropriate and illegal behaviors. You cant help but root for them to beat the odds and succeed with such a depraved upbringing. If it wasn't hilarious and fiction, you'd probably cry. - Karen Emenheiser, MCB Hawaii, HI