Availability for Service Tool

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has requested we delay the initial implementation of our ‘Availability for Service’ check-in/out by one week. The additional time allows OSD to ensure there is full communication of process guidelines to all Government points of contact. We are now expected to begin this new check-in/out process on Monday, November 14th. Thank you for your diligence to this new requirement.

Your MFLC leadership understands that questions will surface following implementation. But to get started, please keep in mind that you need to log yourself as available and not available daily—simply CHECK IN/ CHECK OUT. You do not need to always have 8 hours, but you will be prompted to explain if you log under 7 hours. Having a late start due to a long day prior, or a delayed start due to a conference call or weather, is perfectly fine. As with your on line time-keeping, we ask that you record when you are actually available regardless of whether it is 5 hours one day or 15 hours one day.

If you missed the calls regarding this new requirement, please listen to the audio below:

Coming soon!