About This Toolkit

Welcome to the SPA Service Delivery Toolkit!

The SPA Service Delivery Toolkit is our virtual classroom – a living, breathing entity that belongs to all of us.  Here you will find important information about the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) required for success in the MFLC program.  This is a place for questions, information, the exchange of ideas, and the hosting of service-delivery related information to build our shared consciousness of the sacred mission we all endeavor to support every day.  Our team will strive to ensure the information provided is relevant, applicable and actionable.  From presentation examples to skill-building seminars to FAQs and user guides – our only limit is the imagination of our team.

Like many of the great developments within our program, this toolkit is the result of suggestions and input from our counselors on the ground.  Please help us maintain it by providing content suggestions, topics for discussion and other recommendations to strengthen the experience.  Together we will grow this virtual community of caring professionals who serve our military community.

As members of the MHNGS MFLC program team – our mission is to be the premier provider of confidential, short-term, solution-focused counseling support to our military community in order to promote mental and emotional fitness and facilitate mission accomplishment.

It is a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of our armed forces and their families.  With this privilege comes the sacred responsibility to strive for excellence in the support we provide to those who defend our nation.

Thank you for your faithful support to our program, and a special thank you to those team members who have helped make this toolkit a reality.

In Service, Integrity and Fidelity,
James Ferguson
Deputy Program Director