Important Notice: Effective August 15, 2020

Important Notice: Effective August 15, 2020, MHNGS will no longer be managing the MFLC Program.

MHNGS is immeasurably proud of our long history collaborating with the DoD to develop and manage the MFLC Program from the earliest pilot days in 2004. Our MFLC counselor network is second to none and provided the benchmark of quality support that our Service Members and their families have come to rely on throughout the Program.

As a member in good standing of the current MHNGS MFLC Network, there may be future opportunities available to support our Nation’s Service Members, Veterans and military families through programs outside of MFLC but managed by Health Net Federal Services.  Therefore, we would like to stay in touch and stay connected to our valued Military Behavioral Health Counselors! Want to learn what Congress is debating on the senate floor this week? (Hint the National Defense Authorization Act). Wondering if Congress will tackle the issue of license portability for VTC/telehealth services in the behavioral health space, or what the long term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic might be on VTC telehealth demand?  As we learn more, we would like to share those updates with you as a member of the MHNGS military behavioral health counseling network; please complete this brief survey if you are interested:

In addition, the MHNGS leadership team encourages you to explore the Centene Career site for opportunities that may be a fit for your career goals: