Memorial Day 2018

This Memorial Holiday let us remember those that have sacrificed so much for our enduring freedom.  Memorial Day, this Monday, May 28th, is the special day we honor those who have given their lives during military service to our country.

Since the 1900s, more than 40 million men and women have served in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous unnamed military engagements. More than half million of these brave men and women gave their lives for the cause of freedom — some in battle, some in captivity.

Many of us have friends or family members whose lives of service included the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is a day that we truly understand.

Memorial Day originated as a day when flowers and flags were placed on the graves of soldiers who had died in the Civil War. Memorial Day is in May in part because so many beautiful flowers are in bloom and can be used to honor those who have died for our country.  But the reason we commemorate this day is found within our own Declaration of Independence — “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Surely there is no more fitting way to honor those who gave their lives in service to their country than to celebrate the very qualities for which they died: life in all its richness, liberty to discover all that life offers, and the pursuit of happiness through community, family, prosperity, opportunity, freedom, equality, and safety.

These are the things that we enjoy each day — in no small part because of the sacrifice of those whose lives and deaths became the measure of their commitment to America. They are the spring flowers of our nation’s greatness, the proof that life will go on in spite of difficulty and tragedy.  And just as the spring flowers decorated the graves of those who died in the Civil War, we offer our varied activities — parades and picnics and family gatherings no less than graveside services and somber remembrances — as indications of our enduring view that life is worth living, the cycles of life are precious, and that America has been kept strong by sacrifice.


To MHNGS’ MFLCs – THANK YOU for your continued dedication and support to our nation’s service members and their families.  Have a great weekend!