Celebrating the Month of the Military Child

The military students at Ikego Elementary School worked together with School MFLC, Wendy Seykowski to create this beautiful flag.

Per Wendy: “This was truly a student driven activity from planning to layout with just a bit of guidance from this MFLC.  The majority of the brainstorming occurred during lunch with the MFLC hopping from table to table collecting ideas from students who then selected their favorites.  The students decided that each grade should be assigned a different color of star with the lower grades decorating their stars however they like and the upper grades listing the places they have lived.  When all the stars had been collected, numerous students volunteered their recess time to layout the stars and adhere them.  The flag was then hung at the entrance of the cafeteria and can be seen from way down the hall.”

Students and staff alike have stopped to admire the flag and search for their star or stars of people they know.

Thank you, Wendy, for bringing the children together to create this beautiful flag commemorating their military life experiences.