EMP Center Issues Resolved

The issues related to accessing EmpCenter have been resolved. Please enter time at the end of your work day as normal.


Previous message:

MHN is aware that EmpCenter is not accessible at this time. The IT team is actively working to resolve. There is no ETA for resolution at this time. We will update this message as the status changes.

In the meantime, there are two options to record time:

1. Users can login to https://connect.centene.com and launch the Centene desktop. Once in the published desktop, navigate to the https://cnet.centene.com and click the links button in the top right hand corner. Then choose the link for the EmpCenter. You may have to update the SSO certificate within the published desktop if this has not already been completed. Once the SSO certificate has been updated, click the EmpCenter link to be directed straight to the EmpCenter.


2. Email your MFLC Liaison your time worked at the end of the day. They will update the system.

If you have general comments regarding this message, please reach out to Field Operations at [email protected]