Scholarship opportunity for caregivers of injured/wounded service members

Pillars of Strength Scholarship for the 2017/18 Academic Year

Stateside Military Operations is excited to announce another scholarship opportunity for the 2017/18 Academic Year. Information regarding specific eligibility requirements can be found by clicking on the links provided below.

This scholarship opportunity supports volunteer care-givers providing care to injured or wounded service members undergoing recovery.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2017

The Yellow Ribbon Fund, the Blewitt Foundation and UMUC are offering up to five (5) full scholarships starting in the 2017 academic year, including full tuition, fees, and course-required books for volunteer caregivers of injured or wounded service members undergoing recovery.

In order to qualify for funding, recipients must meet detailed program eligibility requirements, submit a completed application by the February 28, 2017 deadline and, if selected, enroll in a degree or certificate program in UMUC’s undergraduate or graduate school.

The scholarship application and eligibility requirements can be accessed from the following links:

Yellow Ribbon Fund (Click “Accepting Applications Now“)


UMUC Pillars of Strength Scholarship (Click “Apply Now“)