The brand new ACTIVITY FORM has been successfully implemented!!

You may now go into the portal to enter your activity forms for December contacts.

Remember this will be the new format and if you need any assistance, there is a resource document for “MFLC Activity Form” in the resource tab as well as under your required education for your use.

As with all new web loads , sometimes there are issues. We are aware of the “Search Criteria” not working properly and the web team is working to resolve.

If you have questions related to how to put in a form for a certain type contact or how to capture activities, email your MFLC Liaison.

If you are running into a system issues ( such as unable to pull up CTO, unable to submit form with all fields completed, error messages that you cannot resolve, etc) then contact:
Biz Ops

If it is access issue such as password reset or log in account information then contact Provider Portal Support at:
Provider Portal

Please understand we are working hard to resolve all issues so we ask for your patience in advance as we move through this change.