SPA Support Call Schedule for August

MHN will host SPA Support Calls to offer Special Professional Associates (SPAs) the opportunity to hear frequently asked questions and their answers directly from a panel of experts – leaders from several divisions across Centene such as finance, Human Resources, payroll, travel, business operations and more.

The calls will begin with opening statement(s) along with a discussion of some frequently asked questions and their answers. At the end of the call, SPAs will have the opportunity to pose any outstanding questions or issues.

If you would like a specific question or issue addressed on the next SPA Support Call, please submit here.

Monday, August 22nd
12 PM Hawaii
2 PM Alaska
3 PM Pacific
4 PM Mountain
5 PM Central
6PM Eastern
7 AM Japan (08/23)
8 AM Guam (08/23)

August 24th
6 AM Hawaii
8 AM Alaska
9 AM Pacific
10 AM Mountain
11 AM Central
12 noon Eastern
5 PM GMT (United Kingdom)
6 PM Central European

Please ask your Liaison for call-in information.