Remembering Dennis Milholm

Remembering Dennis Milholm

May 1, 1951
Passed Away:
August 19, 2015


Dennis Lee Milholm passed away on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015 at age 64. He suffered a stroke and, after being surrounded and comforted by his family, died from complications two days later.

Dennis joined the MFLC Program in 2009. In his tenure with MHN, Dennis supported upwards of thirty assignments – largely CYB and School – across the globe including assignments in Korea, Japan and Germany.

By all accounts, Dennis Milholm had a loving, adventurous spirit, with a penchant for helping others. Throughout his career, Dennis sought profound professional experiences as he provided extensive counseling services, including mental health therapy, detoxification and recovery skills, vocational rehabilitation, with a specialty in hypnosis. Prior to his work with the MFLC Program, Dennis spent more than seventeen years as a Director and Professional Counselor for the Association of Counseling Excellence. Always extending his wisdom to those around him, Dennis shared his experiences and his expertise with his family and friends. Dennis will always be remembered for the loving encouragement and support he provided to all who asked and for his dedication and meaningful service to others.

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