Activity Form Search Criteria Changes

As you are aware the data you enter in your activity forms is very important to show OSD the important work you are doing. The government and management team receive many reports that reflect on a timely basis the information you provide in those activity forms. All of the reports that OSD receives is based on DATE OF SUBMISSION of that activity form, not on CONTACT DATE.

To assist you in understanding the weekly emails you receive or any other reports based on date of submission we have now enhanced the “Activity Form Search Criteria” to include the following two new features.

1) You can now search not only by “CONTACT DATE” but “SUBMISSION DATE” as well- this will assist you in being able to search by dates you entered the forms in case you have any concerns regarding reports or want to make sure your activity forms “hit the system.”

2) You now have the ability to search for “DIRECT FORMS ONLY“- you can simply check the radio button that says “Direct Forms Only” or check the other button (“NO”) to see all the forms (both indirect and direct forms) in the system. This feature will allow you to see only the direct forms submitted which is what the averages are based on if you need to double check any forms you are concerned about or numbers you are receiving related to average number of direct contacts.

We hope the ability to now search by Contact Date, Submission Date, Direct Only or Total forms will assist you in making sure that any forms you have concerns about are in the system to show the great work you are doing out there for our service members and their families.

This change GOES LIVE on February 25, 2016 and the MHNGS Portal system should not be affected during the change.

Please let your MFLC Liaison know if you have any questions.