IMPORTANT UPDATE: Entire Health Net IT System Currently Down

Please do not attempt to access any Health Net systems at this time as we are experiencing a total system outage. The issue is being addressed; when the system has been restored, a status update will be posted here and a notification will be sent through the MFLC Field Operations in-box.

The entire team is affected by this outage – MHNGS Leadership will be unable to respond to email but mobile contact numbers remain operational.

Please check back to the SPA Service Delivery Toolkit periodically for updates and thank you for your patience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This outage has NOT affected the SPA Support Call scheduled for January 20, 2016 12 noon Eastern – please join us –

US Toll Free Dial in: 866-801-6110; International Dial in: 480-337-2739
Pass Code: 150-630-7183