Attention: Portal is UP!!!

Our IT Support Team has been working through the night and we believe the technical issues with our portal have been resolved. In order to access the portal, you should be able to log in with your existing user name and password.

For counselors who have additional issues after attempting to log in, we request that you please contact our team via the MFLC Field Operations inbox. We will address your request for additional support as soon as possible and connect you with the appropriate support team.

Contact MFLC Field Operations

We thank you for your patience and assistance in troubleshooting this widespread system issue. Once you are able to log in to the portal, please be sure to enter all of your activity forms for the important support provided over the past week as soon as possible. It is important to capture all of the support you’ve provided while the portal has been down and to record it as close to the timeframe that the support was actually provided as possible. We understand that this technical issue has prevented you from conducting this mission essential task and as such, all low activity entry notification for the week will be suspended.

Again, thank you for your patience and commitment to mission accomplishment.