This Month: PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma

Presenter: Melissa Foynes, PhD
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2:00-3:00 pm EST

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About the Topic:
Many Veterans seeking mental health treatment have experienced military sexual trauma (MST) (i.e., sexual assault and/or repeated, threatening sexual harassment during military service). While MST survivors present with a range of MST-related physical and mental health difficulties, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the most common mental health diagnosis. Addressing MST-related PTSD involves attending to many of the same treatment themes that commonly arise in the course of treating PTSD associated with other forms of trauma. Thus, clinicians with expertise in PTSD and other trauma-related difficulties have generalizable skillsets that apply to working with MST survivors. However, there are also ways in which the impact of MST may be unique relative to other forms of trauma, presenting treatment challenges that are particularly salient to MST survivors. Thus, in order to provide more targeted care, we must enhance existing approaches. The overarching goal of this lecture is to offer clinicians an opportunity to learn certain principles and tools to improve their clinical practice with MST survivors. In addition to providing background information about the nature of MST and its impact, there will also be an emphasis on the interpersonal and sexual health implications of MST, with an in-depth focus on two core areas that commonly arise in the course of treating MST-related PTSD and other mental health difficulties: 1) observing and asserting therapists’ personal limits; and 2) assessing and treating sexual functioning difficulties.

About this Lecture Series:
The PTSD Consultation Program Lecture Series is a free, live webinar offered on the third Wednesday of every month from 2-3pm ET. Continuing education credit is available for a variety of professions. (Follow the registration links above for more details.) The lectures cover a wide range of topics related to PTSD diagnosis and treatment and common co-morbidities. Relevant recent research is presented and there is a focus on the clinical implications for providers and patients.

This monthly lecture series is organized by the PTSD Consultation Program at the VA’s National Center for PTSD. Presenters are generally experts in VA who discuss clinical practice in light of the most recent research.